OLED MIRROR TV -  the best for your superyacht or cruise ship project.

With our professional 4K and 8K OLED IP/IR TV for Super Yachts, ProCentric IP/IR Oled's for Cruise Ships, or regular Oled's for smaller ships OLED Mirror TV offers a high-quality image and impressive durability. Our mirror and glass production process focuses on achieving the best image result as well as precisely cut and  polished edges. To ensure quality, we produce the mirrors and glass ourselves and they are exclusively available from us. When not in use, an OLED monitor is not visible through the Secret Silver and Secret Silver Light mirrors, but when it is turned on it offers superior image clarity. With our vast experience, we are able to distinguish ourselves by creating the optimal solution for you. We only supply customised mirrors and glass surfaces in order to provide the best result for your situation. 


The pixels of an OLED monitor consist of organic materials that emit light when electricity flows through them. Unlike QLED or LED technology, there is no need for backlighting, as each pixel can be turned on and off separately. When switched off, an OLED is really black, whereas with an LED or a QLED monitor a visible grey area remains. Another advantage of OLED is that the viewing angles are much greater due to the Nano Cell technology. Moreover, OLED TVs are brighter and have much higher contrast than QLED and LED TVs, whilst the energy consumption of an OLED is much lower.

OLED Mirror TV for Super Yachts and Cruise Ships

TVs can be found in many places throughout the yacht. In the owners cabin, bathroom, bedroom,  diningroom, cinema, fitness, spa, and even outdoors. Everything can be custom made to meet your needs, as every situation is different. You can choose from various frames, types of glass, mirrors, finishes, sizes, shapes, custom cut-outs, as well as additional features such as anti-condensation and speaker installations. In addition, there are professional connections including an RS232/IP for domotics/home automation. The monitors are available in a Basic, Design, Slime Design, 8K Design, Utra Slim Design and Pro/Hotel Design. Due to our 18 years of experience, we are able to distinguish ourselves in this. There are many mirrors for sale that resemble our mirror, but they cannot generate the same image quality. We only supply customised mirrors. The largest mirror we can supply is 3100 x 2100 mm. 

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